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Medical Air & Ground Transportation

MASA MTS is here to protect its members and their families from the shortcomings of health insurance coverage by providing them with comprehensive financial protection for lifesaving emergency transportation services, both at home and away from home.

Many American employers and employees believe that their health insurance policies cover most , if not all ambulance expenses. The truth is, they DO NOT!

Even after insurance payments for emergency transportation, you could receive a bill up to $5,000 for ground ambulance and as high as $70,000 for air ambulance. The financial burdens for medical transportation costs are very real.

Plans starting for individual or family for under $20 a month.

* Monthly Costs Includes Benefits For Everyone Administration Fee

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We provide medical emergency transportation solutions, AND cover your out-of-pocket medical transport cost when your insurance falls short.

Ground Ambulance

MASA MTS covers emergency ground ambulance transportation for members to and from appropriate medical facilities – whether members are close to home or anywhere in the U.S. and Canada – by covering the out-of-pocket costs that are not covered by insurance.

Helicopter Transportation

If emergency helicopter transportation is needed, MASA MTS will cover out-of-pocket costs MASA MTS Members incur from helicopter transports to the nearest appropriate medical facilities capable of providing required medical treatment.

Medical Airplane

When members need to be transported by air ambulance to specialized treatment, MASA MTS will coordinate medical airplane transportation, plus get the member back home free of charge.

Choose your MASA benefit plan below

Benefit*Platinum PlanEmergent Plus Plan
Emergent Ground TransportationMASA MTS will arrange and provide ground ambulance for a member to and from the medical facility or to and from the air ambulance. Basic membership includes ground ambulance transports to and from the air ambulance in conjunction with use of emergency air transportation. U.S./CanadaU.S./Canada
Emergent Air TransportationShould a member suffer a serious illness or injury resulting in hospitalization and if the member is in need of specialized treatment not available locally, then MASA MTS shall fly them to the nearest appropriate medical facility capable of providing such specialized treatment. U.S./CanadaU.S./Canada
Non-Emergent Air TransportationShould a member suffer a serious illness or injury resulting in hospitalization and if the member is in need of specialized treatment not available locally but such transportation is not immediately needed for life or limb saving treatment and such transportation can be arranged by MASA, then MASA MTS will coordinate transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility capable of providing such specialized treatment. If less than 100 miles, MASA may arrange transport by ground ambulance. WorldwideU.S./Canada
RepatriationIf a member is hospitalized while away from home, MASA MTS will fly them home to recuperate in familiar surroundings. WorldwideU.S./Canada
Escort TransportationIf a member requires emergency air transport, MASA MTS will fly the member's spouse, family member or friend to accompany them in the air Worldwide
Mortal Remains TransportationIn the event a member dies while away from his/her place of residence, MASA Assist will return his/her remains to the commercial airport nearest his/her residence. Worldwide
Visitor TransportationIf a member is hospitalized while away from his/her home for more than 7 days, the member may select a family member to visit them during confinement. MASA MTS will provide round trip, common carrier air transportation for the person selected. BCA**
Minor Children / Grandchildren ReturnWhen minor children or grandchildren are left unattended as a result of a member using MASA MTS air ambulance service, MASA MTS will provide one-way common carrier air transport for return of the children to the commercial airport nearest the place of residence of the children. BCA**
Vehicle ReturnMASA MTS will return vehicles such as cars, vans, RVs or trucks owned or rented by the member when illness, injury or death requires use of the air ambulance services provided by MASA MTS. The vehicle will be carried to the member's place of residence or rental vehicles will be returned to the nearest rental company office or agent. U.S./Canada
Pet ReturnMASA MTS will return the Member’s dog, cat or smaller animal, should the Member be flown to a hospital near their residence on an air ambulance arranged by the MASA MTS. U.S./Canada
Organ RetrievalMASA MTS will provide air transportation of an organ to be used in an organ transplant. U.S./Canada
Organ Recipient TransportationMASA MTS shall fly a member to the commercial airport nearest the medical facility where an organ transplant is scheduled to happen. U.S./Canada

*Please refer to the MSA for a detailed explanation of benefits and eligibility. **Basic Coverage Area (BCA) includes U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, and Caribbean (excluding Cuba). Not available to AK,NY,FL & WY residents.


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