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Alliance Shared Health brings you the best option when it comes to finding a proper solution to affordable healthcare! Benefits for Everyone offers outpatient sharing and virtual sharing where you choose your member responsibility amount. Maternity, emergency, and prescription sharing are also included! Alliance Shared Health is perfect for not only you, but your family as well.

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Alliance Shared Health is a fully integreated, complete health share solution!


Member Responsibility Amounts

Choose between 4 different levels of MRAs!









Sharing Maximums

$1,000,000 Annually


Network - Flexible to see any provider!
Preventive Needs Sharing

In-Network: $0 Visit fee
Non-Network: $100 Visit Fee
MRA does not apply ~ Waiting Period of 3 months
Max sharing for mammograms is $500 and colonoscopies is $1,500 (6 month waiting period on colonoscopies)

PCP Visits
$50 Visit Fee with 2 visits per year combined with Specialist; MRA per incident after 2 visits
Specialist Visits
$75 Visit Fee with 2 visits per year combined with PCP; MRA per incident after 2 visits
Urgent Care
MRA per incident
Maternity sharing is subject to $5,000 MRA for a normal delivery, then shareable at 100%. Members must have an expected due date for delivery at least 300 days after joining ASH for bills to be eligible for sharing.

Prescription Sharing

Members needing access to maintenance and specialty medications costing over $150 per month work with an advocate after registering online. Advocates access these medications using our proprietary program.

What’s Your Monthly Contribution

Select MRA level below

​Ages 18-29​Ages 30-39Ages 40-49Ages 50-59Ages 60-64
Member + Spouse$448.50$495.50$543.50$639.50$1,067.50
Member + Children$444.50$489.50$534.50$625.50$1,032.50
​Ages 18-29​Ages 30-39Ages 40-49Ages 50-59Ages 60-64
Member + Spouse$431.50$479.50$495.50$575.50$956.50
Member + Children$428.50$473.50$489.50$564.50$927.50
​Ages 18-29​Ages 30-39Ages 40-49Ages 50-59Ages 60-64
Member + Spouse$368.50$390.50$422.50$502.50$835.50
Member + Children$368.50$389.50$419.50$495.50$812.50
​Ages 18-29​Ages 30-39Ages 40-49Ages 50-59Ages 60-64
Member + Spouse$304.50$352.50$381.50$422.50$699.50
Member + Children$308.50$353.50$380.50$419.50$682.50


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I need to see a doctor?

Your first step should be getting in touch with your SHARE Connected Care doctor. You have 24/7 access to medical care at no cost from wherever you are. Just go to the SHARE Connected Care tile in the app and click “Connect to a Doctor” or call 844-900-2567. Your Virtual Primary Care doctor can diagnose your concerns over the phone, order labs or imaging, review your results and medical history, and prescribe medication when needed.

What network does ASH use?
As a member of Alliance for Shared Health, you have access to providers in the PHCS Practitioner & Ancillary network – A national PPO network, with over 90,000 ancillary facilities and over 1 million health care professional service locations.
Can I only go to a provider that is in network?
No. Members enrolled in ASH have the freedom to go to any provider they choose. If you don’t have a network provider in your area, you can still go to any provider and ASH will share your expenses per the sharing level you are in based upon reasonable and allowed amounts. This reimbursement methodology is referred to as Reference Based Pricing (RBP). We recommend using in network providers whenever possible to avoid balance billing.
How do I get my member ID card?
Your member ID card will be mailed to you within 15 business days. If you do not receive an ID by your active date, you can log in to your member portal with the information provided to you in your welcome email and download a pdf copy to use until your hard copy arrives.
What is a balance bill?
A balance bill is when a provider bills a member for the difference between what the health share allows for a medical service versus what the provider chooses to charge. If you receive a balance bill, contact member services at 314-594-0600 or memberservices@sharedhealthalliance.com
What preventive care does ASH share in?
ASH generally follows the ACA guidelines for preventive care. Your member guidelines list all shareable preventive services, wait periods, and sharing limitations. Please refer to your specific membership level for more information or contact your member services team located on the back of your member ID card.
Can I get my preventive care done at a hospital?
Preventive care performed in a hospital is shared by ASH but it’s important to understand that services billed under the hospital are typically much more expensive than services billed by your primary care office or a non-hospital affiliated facility. Also, hospitals are considered out-of-network, meaning preventive care received in a hospital or in a hospital affiliated facility, will not share at 100%, which may result in some out-of-pocket costs for your preventive care. There are many non-hospital affiliated facilities that can provide excellent care at a much lower cost to you and to the ASH community. Please refer to the network provider contact information on the back of your member ID card to locate an in-network provider.
My doctor wants me to get lab work done. What do I do?
Have your doctor write up your lab order, then start your lab order by visiting fairpricelabs.com or choose the Share Labs icon from the Share App. You can order and pay online, then take your receipt and lab requisition to Quest Diagnostics.
My doctor wants me to get imaging work done. What do I do?
Have your doctor write up your imaging order, then visit greenimaging.net or choose the Share Imaging Icon from the Share App. A Green Imaging concierge will assist you in scheduling your appointment. When your imaging services are complete, a report will be sent to your referring doctor.
What should I do if scheduling or billing does not recognize my membership?
Please tell your provider that your health share membership is contracted under the PHCS Practitioner & Ancillary network and that they may find your health share listed under the Administrator for this membership, Free Market Administrators. If your provider does not participate in the PHCS specified network, let them know that your health share membership does allow for out-of-network providers and that the provider should collect the applicable member responsibility amount and submit the billing need through our Third-Party Processor with the information found on the back of your ID card. If your provider still has questions regarding your membership, ask them to call your member services team @ 800-511-6388 option 1 to verify your eligibility and sharing allowances. The phone number is also on the back of your member ID card. Please be sure to present your ID card at every visit to your health care providers to help facilitate timely processing and sharing of medical needs submitted on your behalf.

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