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EAP Complete Mental & Wellness

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CuraLinc’s strategic approach to employee assistance (EAP) administration provides guidance and advocacy to help employees address depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, substance use problems, legal and financial issues, stress and grief.


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CuraLinc Healthcare’s employee assistance (EAP) and member assistance (MAP) programs provide an organizational, yet confidential, approach to working constructively with employees and members who experience personal and work-related problems that impact their health, productivity, wellbeing and emotional fitness. The program also reduces direct and indirect costs through an advocacy-based care management model that helps participants address the following concerns:
Addictive Behaviors
Caregiver Support
Family/Marital Problems
Organizational Change
Alcohol Abuse
Dependent care issues
financial issues
relationship concerns
anger management
grief & loss
stress-related concerns
drug use & abuse
legal problems
work-life balance

Four Pillars

CuraLinc’s unique approach to EAP and MAP administration relies on four fundamental pillars to deliver value.

Engagement. CuraLinc creates a tailored engagement strategy for every client that drives awareness and utilization through a client-specific combination of communication, integration and technology.

Access. Not every EAP or MAP participant will pick up the phone when they need support. In order to facilitate meaningful and personally-relevant access to care, CuraLinc created a variety of distinct channels to connect with the EAP or MAP.

User Experience (UX). CuraLinc's human-centered approach to UX drives a model that provides around-the-clock navigation and advocacy to participants with mental health or substance abuse concerns. Click here to learn more.

Outcomes. CuraLinc’s EAP and MAP have a positive and measurable impact on participant health, wellbeing and productivity. CuraLinc publishes an annual case study that includes outcomes data from thousands of cases each year, a summary of which can be found on CuraLinc’s Outcomes page.


Online courses and videos makes stress reduction, better relationships, and emotional wellness accessible and engaging.



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Our Courses

Each Healbright course is crafted by our team of psychotherapists and design experts to create a unique learning experience. We employ the latest research in the neuroscience of learning, clinical psychology, and meditation practice to deliver courses that lead to lasting emotional change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Healbright courses?
Healbright courses are taught by expert therapists and cover topics usually explored in therapy. When you purchase a course you have 24/7 access, can learn at your own pace,and repeat the course as many times as you'd like. You will never be asked to share any personal information after purchasing the course. Each course is a blend of video lectures and experiential exercises typically taught in therapy.
Why $99?
Healbright was founded by psychotherapists with the mission to make mental wellness accessible and affordable. Traditional one-on-one therapy costs an average of $130 per hour. Despite the benefits of therapy, most people cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars a year to get the support they need. With Healbright, you can learn from some of the best therapists in the world without breaking the bank.
Is on-demand mental wellness effective?
A detailed scientific study done by MIT and Harvard found that online learning is as effective or even more effective than traditional classroom learning. According to numerous scientific studies, online therapy is also as effective as traditional in-office therapy. Healbright combines both the benefits of online therapy and online learning for an effective and accessible learning experience.

KEY user features:

  • In-the-Moment Clinical Support CuraLinc provides around-the-clock access to licensed clinical professionals.
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment Every call, email, chat or SMS into the program is answered live by a licensed and experienced behavioral health clinician, who will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the user’s presenting issue(s) and problem acuity.
  • Short-Term Mental Health Counseling Through CuraLinc’s nationwide network of licensed behavioral health clinicians, the program helps members identify and resolve depression, anxiety, grief, stress, relationship issues and substance abuse through face-to-face counseling or video counseling.
  • Mental Health Advocacy For participants with acute MHSA concerns, CuraLinc will not only coordinate care to a provider or facility within their benefit plan, but also transition management of the case to the medical management provider.
  • Technology Suite CuraLinc leverages technology to expand the impact range of the program by providing clients with a comprehensive web platform, behavioral telehealth (video counseling), a client-specific mobile app, web and mobile mindfulness resources and, upon request, Animo, CuraLinc’s digital behavioral health platform.
  • Financial and Legal Consultation Participants have access to a nationwide network of attorneys, CPAs and CFPs to address an unlimited number of legal or financial concerns.
  • Expert Dependent Care Referrals CuraLinc’s experienced team of specialists provide guidance and referrals to child and elder care resources, back-up care, adoption, auto repair and more.
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